March For The Future - LGBT for a People's Vote

March For The Future - LGBT+ Column

On October 20th 2018, members of the LGBT+ community rallied together to demand a People's Vote at the People's Vote: March for the Future. The march, the largest about Brexit to date, saw over 700,000 people take to the streets to demand a People's Vote on the Brexit deal and was the second largest march in UK history.

Before the march, LGBT+ for a People's Vote held a rally in Green Park featuring speeches from Peter Tatchell, Lord Cashman, Seb Dance, Peter Kyle, and Tris Reid-Smith. You can see a video of the rally below.

Currently the EU locks the UK into protecting people on the basis of sexuality and gender identity. And it provides gay, bi and trans people with a legal route to appeal if the UK doesn’t treat them fairly.

Brexit is a threat to the LGBT+ community, and will leave people dangerously unprotected if a future government is homophobic or transphobic.


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