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Boris Johnson's Brexit will do nothing to protect marginalised communities

In the three years of Brexit shambles, many here in the UK looked to America for a bit of light relief. Brexit is a disaster, but at least we don't have Trump. Last week, we lost that diverting pastime and gained our very own blonde-haired Trumpian figure. Boris Johnson is the new Conservative party leader, and Prime Minister of the UK. Like Trump, Johnson is a wreckless politician and now that he and his cabinet of hard Brexiteers are in charge, the risk of a harmful Brexit has multiplied - especially for marginalised communities.

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On Pride and the rise of the Right

In 2019, Pride is about celebrating our identity – not to mention our very right to exist.

Fifty years after the Stonewall uprising, Pride festivals are the world’s most colourful, glittery and exuberant affairs.

They’re so fabulous in fact, that even some alt-right straight people (groups like the misleadingly named Super Happy Fun America – organisers of Boston’s “Straight Pride”) want one to call their very own.

Yes, Pride is a huge celebration. And, frankly, why shouldn’t we celebrate? Across the story of one lifetime, our community has made progress that the heroes of Stonewall could hardly have imagined.

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I'm An LGBT Woman Attending Black Pride For The First Time. Here's Why.

This Sunday, I will be attending my first UK Black Pride. On the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, I’m aware that I’m taking part in something that is built upon the shoulders of LGBT+ people, many of them people of colour, who were at the Stonewall Inn in 1969 and sparked the LGBT+ revolution. As someone who only came out as bi this year, I’m excited to be in a safe space for LGBT+ ethnic minorities. This year might also be the last year that the UK is part of the EU if Brexiteers get their way.

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Pride over prejudice: Why Boris Johnson is a threat to the LGBT+ movement

It’s pretty much confirmed all but in name that Boris Johnson will be next Prime Minister. As a bisexual woman, ahead of Pride this weekend, I want to talk about why Boris is no friend to those of us who are LGBT+. 

Boris’ record on LGBT+ rights is mixed. Despite turning up to Pride in his early years as Mayor, Boris Johnson was a no show from 2011 onwards. Five years the London Mayor sat out one of the biggest events in London’s calendar, missing the opportunity to show his support for the LGBT+ community.

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Rewriting the Good Friday Agreement should not be an option

LGBT+ for a People's Vote supporter Rosie McKenna writes for the Metro on why the Good Friday Agreement should not be put at stake in the Brexit negotiations.

"There are only two choices on the table which do not bring back a hard border: Theresa May’s Deal, with a backstop, or staying within the European Union. A public vote (whatever the options) would flush this out immediately. There’s no more room for fantasy and no-deal Brexiters know it which is why they’re terrified of a People’s Vote. It will allow us to give our verdict on a shambolic set of negotiations, that puts Northern Ireland at risk. It will give us certainty, one way or another."


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