Rewriting the Good Friday Agreement should not be an option

LGBT+ for a People's Vote supporter Rosie McKenna writes for the Metro on why the Good Friday Agreement should not be put at stake in the Brexit negotiations.

"There are only two choices on the table which do not bring back a hard border: Theresa May’s Deal, with a backstop, or staying within the European Union. A public vote (whatever the options) would flush this out immediately. There’s no more room for fantasy and no-deal Brexiters know it which is why they’re terrified of a People’s Vote. It will allow us to give our verdict on a shambolic set of negotiations, that puts Northern Ireland at risk. It will give us certainty, one way or another."

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LGBT4PV at Decision Day Live

On Tuesday 15th January 2019, the Government suffered the biggest defeat of any Government in history, as her Brexit bill was voted down by 432 MPs.

Moments before the results of the vote were announced, Kathryn Breitner and Tris-Reed Smith of LGBT4PV spoke at the Decision Day Live rally in Parliament Square, speaking to thousands of activists about what the EU has done for LGBT+ rights. 

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LGBT+ for a People's Vote Networking

On 22nd November, LGBT+ for a People's Vote held a community networking event in Soho! The wonderful pop-up Casa Bonita hosted dozens of social media influencers from the LGBT+ community, who came together to discuss the campaign and our next steps. Special thanks to Gay Star News for co-hosting. See pics below!

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Launch of LGBT4PV

A huge thank you to everyone who came to the LGBT+ for a People's Vote launch party! We had thousands of people from the LGBT+ community attend nine synchronised events across the country, where we spoke about the cause and celebrated in style. See if you can spot yourself in our photos below...

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